Wererat sorcerer


Longtail is a sorcerer of great aspiration that ultimately fell victim to an even more cunning imp. What the character’s actually know about Longtail was learned mostly from his journal.

After his hastily taken familiar, Achsyyx led Longtail to believe there was a great power ripe for the taking within the Prison of Sorrows, the wererat spent the next three years scraping together a small army of kobolds and orcs (along with a handful of other races). Once in the prison Longtail spent no time in locating the vortex from wince Achsyyx arrived into this world. Unfortunately, reopening the portal went disaterously when a fiendish owlbear spilled forth and made sort work of what few creatures remained loyal to Longtail at this point.

After briefly engaging the player characters Longtail fled into the darkness of the dungeon, but not before infecting Klagoth with Lycanthropy.



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